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The Investment Company – MAPISA and MAGISA

Monteiro Aranha Participações Imobiliárias S/A (MAPISA) was constituted by Monteiro Aranha S/A to act directly in the development of residential and commercial real estate projects, located in the main urban centers of the country. Through it, the company's investors will be able to carry out real estate investments in the form of independent projects developed within specific purpose companies. The Real Estate Company will delegate to Monteiro Aranha Gestão de Investimentos Imobiliários S/A (MAGISA) the management of all its real estate projects. With Monteiro Aranha Participações Imobiliárias S/A the company retakes its original vocation for the real estate market.

Investment Opportunity

Monteiro Aranha believes that his Real Estate Investment Company represents an opportunity for investors who, in partnership with an experienced business group, want to take part in the enormous growth prospects of the Brazilian real estate market. Brazil, the 10th largest economy in the world, has a strong economic growth and a stable democracy, coupled with an attractive prospect of short-term growth, presents an environment conducive to those investors who seek attractive return risk.
Brazil: Huge Investiment Opportunity
• Elastic demand.
• Expectation of a resumption of growth, retaking a prominent position among emerging markets.
• Strong real estate fundamentals.
• Availability of long-term real estate financing.
• Urbanized and growing lower middle class.
Superior business origination capacity
• Backed by pre-eminent Brazilian business group.
• Extensive relationship with the community of private investors, as a result of business partnerships in Brazil and abroad.
• Its management team has a long and extensive relationship with the Brazilian real estate industry.
• Business flow control enables a prudent selection of business and partners.

Investment Strategy

Monteiro Aranha intends to identify attractive investment opportunities in the residential and commercial segments of offices. In order to achieve this investment goal, we expect to implement a business strategy that comprises:
• Creating superior investment opportunities through its own business origination channels.
• Taking part, pari passu, in partnerships for the day-to-day execution of the project,
with the leading companies of the country’s real estate industry.
• Maximizing return and exit opportunities.
• Focusing on opportunities in the residential and commercial office segments.
• Development of residential products with priority focus in the middle/upper income segment and with greater urbanization: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
• Great growth potential.
• High availability of financing.
• Clear government support.


Via Carioca - Rio de Janeiro
• Implementation of life projects within the housing program of the Federal Government known as Minha Casa, Minha Vida.
• Deployment of 208 popular units in two towers.
• Partnership with Rossi Residencial, one of the leading companies in the sector.
• Occupancy Permit granted on 02/22/2013.
• 100% sold out.
Vila Cordovil - Rio de Janeiro
• Commitment to life projects.
• Residential project with 440 units tailored to the middle/low income segment.
• Delivery in July 2012.
• Performance within the housing program of the Federal Government known as "Minha Casa, Minha Vida".
• Partnership with Rossi.
• Occupancy Permit granted on 02/22/2013.
• 100% sold out.
Solar do Conde - Rio de Janeiro
• PRIME product aimed at the middle class.
• Release in partnership with Concal.
• Deployment of 37 residential units for middle/upper income.
• Enterprise with quality and wide leisure area, apartments with maximum comfort.
• Occupancy Permit is granted in November 2013.
• 100% sold out.
Vista Golf - São Paulo
• Originated from a business relationship with a leading company in the real estate market of São Paulo.
• Development of 224 residential units for the middle/high income segment.
• Attractive location in front of São Paulo Golf Club, with preserved view to the golf course.
• Partnership with two leading companies in the properties deployment.
• Enterprise delivered in 2011.
• 100% sold out.
Conde de la Paix (RJ)
• Enterprise in PREMIUM location in Tijuca, in a residential area of easy access, surrounded by commerce.
• Sales success on the release date.
• Release in partnership with Concal
• Deployment of 76 middle/upper income residential units
• High quality product aimed at the middle class.
• Superior enterprise with large leisure area and apartments with maximum comfort.
• Occupancy Permit granted in March 2015.
• 100% sold out.

Constable (CE)
• Release in November 2012.
• Enterprise located in the best region of Fortaleza.
• Deployment of 44 middle/upper income residential units.
• Large and quality apartments, aiming the middle class.
• Occupancy Permit granted in February 2016.
• Latest units available for sale.
Evidence – Rio de Janeiro
• Enterprise in Jacarepaguá region with PDG, one of the leaders of the incorporation market.
• Released successfully in March 2013.
• Deployment of 224 residential units.
• Occupancy Permit granted in September 2015.
• Latest units available for sale.

Expresso 2222 – Salvador
• Successful sales at the release held in January 2014.
• Enterprise located across Barra beach.
• Deployment of 90 residential units and 3 commercial units.
• Flats deployed with quality and modernity, aimed at the upper class.
• Occupancy Permit granted in December 2015.
• Latest units available for sale.

Torre 1º de Março – Rio de Janeiro
• Commercial enterprise for lease located downtown Rio de Janeiro.
• Profile of “boutique” offices, with potential added value in the lease.
• Easy access, located at Rua Primeiro de Março, 45 – Centro, between Rua Buenos Aires and Rua do Rosário.
• Strategic location: 1.5 Km from Santos Dumont Airport and between Uruguaiana subway stations and access to the ferry boats in Praça XV.
• Occupancy Permit granted in May 2017.
• 7002 and 9002 square meter offices available to be leased.
Nobre Norte Clube Residencial – Rio de Janeiro
• Residential enterprise located in the neighborhood of Cachambi next to North Shopping Mall in partnership with Cyrela and BRMalls.
• Apartments with 2 and 3 bedrooms and complete leisure structure.
• Near the Yellow Line, subway station of Del Castilho and near the next expansion that will be built in the mall.
• Successful release in August 2014 with approximately 65% of sold out units.
• 470 units
• Occupancy Permit granted in 2017.
• Latest units available for sale.
Reserva do Conde – Rio de Janeiro
• Enterprise in partnership with Concal, in the neighborhood of Tijuca, in a residential area of easy access, surrounded by commerce, located near the subway stations of Line 1 (Afonso Pena) and Line 2 (São Cristóvão) and main accesses to Downtown and South Zone.
• Product concentrated in 120 high quality residential units aiming the middle class, with ample leisure area and 2 bedroom apartments (1 parking space) and 3 bedrooms (2 parking spaces) with maximum comfort.
• Release occurred in November 2017.
• Estimated delivery in December 2020.
• Latest units available for sale.
HESA 159 – São Paulo
• Enterprise in the district of Chácara Santo Antônio, in the region of Santo Amaro, south zone of the city of São Paulo, located at Av. Das Nações Unidas with Av. João Dias, very close to Santo Amaro subway station (Line 5).
• Neighborhood considered the second largest commercial center of the city and its surroundings houses a residential region with a large structure of hospitals, universities, shopping malls and restaurants, near Burle Marx Park and the Morumbi neighborhood.
• A partnership with Helbor S/A for the development of a project of 3 residential towers and foundation consisting of stores is in the approval phase.
• The Residential area will consist of 770 high quality units aimed at the upper middle class.
• Estimated release for 2019.
Alphaville Campo Largo - Paraná
• Project to develop an Allotment in partnership with ALPHAVILLE culminating in the sale of lots for residential and commercial purposes in Fazenda Timbutuva, located in the city of Campo Largo;
• Estimated release for 2019.