Monteiro Aranha

The Company

The 100-year history of Monteiro Aranha is part of Brazil's economic history. Founded in the early twentieth century, the company has combined moral and intellectual qualities with a daring initiative with power of achievement and managerial capacity. It was present in the most varied sectors of the national economy, especially the industrial, accumulating valuable experience in the promotion and management of companies. It is also, today, a model of partnerships and joint ventures between national and foreign partners.

Releasing new and large undertakings

Monteiro Aranha brought the automotive industry to Brazil, invested heavily in telecommunications and remains active in discovering new opportunities for the country's growth.

Boosting investment of domestic and foreign capital

Since its founding to the current leading position, the company has undergone several notable moments such as its stake in Klabin SA, Brazil's Volkswagen Foundation in 1950, and other investments in the industrial and service sectors.

Cooperation with the stimulus policy to the capital market

Contribution to the targeting of foreign capital for Brazil's progress: new products, technological development and opening of new markets. The role of Monteiro Aranha as a promoter of large economic undertakings in Brazil and the application of national and foreign capital in Brazilian companies is indisputable. As well as an important agent of national progress, the company also plays an important role, presenting to society new markets, productive techniques and state-of-the-art technology. Some of its companies have shares traded in major financial centers around the world and, internally, cooperate in the development of the Brazilian capital market.

Pioneering principles of corporate governance

Always thinking about the future, the company is consolidated, active and with social responsibility, leading numerous initiatives in this direction. To this day, it keeps the same spirit that guided its founders, with ethical and intellectual rigor in conducting business and companies management.