Monteiro Aranha

Social Responsibility

Since its foundation, Monteiro Aranha has taken action to address social problems that challenge our reality. In almost 100 years, the company has directly supported, with the help of partners, social projects that have been helping to improve the quality of life of children and families.

Monteiro Aranha believes that the most effective mechanism of social transformation that exists is to integrate children, families and communities, through an educator process of full citizenship. It is in this way that the company supports actions that enable the social and human development of low income families, with children as focus and Education as a means.

In partnership with the Instituto Marquês de Salamanca (IMDS) and Fundação São Joaquim de Assistência Social, the company develops several projects. Along with the necessary financial support, Monteiro Aranha executives, employees and shareholders dedicate part of their time in the leading and follow-up of such works, both at the company's headquarters and in the areas where they take place: Santa Teresa, Borel (Tijuca) and Três Rios, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Get to know the social work supported by Monteiro Aranha and developed by our partners: