Minutes Of A Meeting Of The Executive Board

Minutes Of A Meeting Of The Executive Board

Data: 15/12/2016
Veículo: Jornal Monitor Mercantil / DORJ

CNPJ 33.102.476/0001-92
Publicly Listed Company
NIRE 33300108611

At 3 p.m. on December 15, 2016, all the members of the Executive Board of MONTEIRO ARANHA S.A. met at the company's headquarters, located at Av. Afrânio de Melo Franco No. 290 – Suite 101A, Leblon, RJ. 
Mr. SÉRGIO ALBERTO MONTEIRO DE CARVALHO presided over the meeting as Chairman, inviting Mrs. CELI ELISABETE JULIA MONTEIRO DE CARVALHO to act as secretary. 
The Chairman informed all those present that the meeting had been convened for the purpose of deliberating on, in accordance with the powers granted it by Article 25. sole paragraph, of the company bylaws, subject to a vote at a general shareholders meeting, the distribution of interest-on-equity in the amount of R$ 35,000,000.00 (thirty-five million reais) in the ratio of R$ 2.856858104 per share, with income tax retained at source in accordance with the legislation in force, except for those shareholders who are able to provide proof of their exemption or immunity. The amount paid, in the form of interest- on-equity, net of income tax retained at source, will be included as part of the minimum obligatory dividend. 
The motion having been put to the vote, the distribution of interest- on-equity to those shareholders holding shares issued by the company as at 20/12/26, was approved unanimously. The shares will trade ex-dividend on BM&FBOVESPA with effect from 21/12/2016. Distribution of payment will be made starting from 29/12/1016, observing the procedures set out in the ""Notice to Shareholders"", to be shortly published in the press. There being no further business to attend to, and with no one wishing to make any comments, the meeting was declared closed; the meeting minutes, having been duly written up in the record book, were read and approved, and were duly signed by all those Directors present. SÉRGIO ALBERTO MONTEIRO DE CARVALHO, CELI ELISABETE JULIA MONTEIRO DE CARVALHO, SÉRGIO FRANCISCO MONTEIRO DE CARVALHO GUIMARÃES and JOAQUIM PEDRO MONTEIRO DE CARVALHO COLLOR DE MELLO.

Rio de Janeiro, December 15, 2016. 

Joaquim Pedro Monteiro de Carvalho C. de Mello 
Investor Relations Director