Notice To Shareholders

Notice To Shareholders

Data: 27/04/2016
Veículo: Jornal do Comércio

Publicly Listed Company
          CNPJ 33.102.476/0001-92


We hereby announce to shareholders that, at a meeting of the Executive Board held on April 26 2016, the distribution of interest-on-equity was approved in the total gross amount of R$ 12,000,000.00, to be paid out in the ratio of R$ 0.979494207 per share, from May 6, 2016 onwards.

1.1.    Interest on equity in the gross amount of R$ 12.000.000,00, will be paid out in the ratio of R$ 0.979494207 per share, calculated on the 12,251,221 shares that represent the Company's paid up capital;
1.2.    Shareholders holding shares in the Company as at 26.04.2016 will have the right to this interest-on-equity distribution;

1.3.    Income tax will be retained at source in accordance with the legislation to force. 

There will be no income tax retained at source for corporate shareholders who are able to prove their exemption or immunity, documentary proof of which must be submitted to the relevant branch of Itaú Unibanco S.A. 


2.1. Shareholders who have already provided their bank account details will have their accounts credited in accordance with the current account information provide to Itaú Unibanco S.A. For shareholders who have not provided this information, Itaú Corretora de Valores S.A.. as the depository institution, will be sending out payment information, which must be presented to one of the bank branches with instructions for processing the respective back account credit.

2.2. Shareholders using fiduciary customer services, will have their credits made available in the accordance with the procedures adopted by the Stock Exchange.


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