Monteiro Aranha

Privacy Policy

Who We Are and Our Commitment to Your Privacy

We are Monteiro Aranha S.A., a holding company with investments in various fields of activity.
Considering that in some activities we will need to use information that may identify an individual, and that we value transparency, by this document you may be informed about the use of your personal data, among other pertinent information.
It is important that you read this document carefully and, in case of doubts, just contact us through the channel
What will you find in this document

In this document you can find the following information about the use of your data:
  • What information about you is used;
  • Why we use your information;
  • Data sharing;
  • How we keep your data secure;
  • How long we keep your information;
  • Your rights as a holder of personal data.
What information about you is used

Respecting the strict need for information, in order for us to carry out our activities, in some situations we will need to obtain some registration information about you, such as: full name, RG, CPF, nationality, address, telephone, Work and Social Security Card, address, INSS, salary pretension, candidate's attributes, contact references, birth date, academic background, institution where you work, e-mail, photo, function, admission/dismissal date, among other information.
Why we use your information

Monteiro Aranha S.A. undertakes to handle your information for specific, legitimate purposes and always ensure your right to be informed about such purposes. To this end, we inform you below the purposes for which we use your information:
  • To allow us to identify who accesses our facilities: To access Monteiro Aranha's office, you must be identified;
  • To allow us to pay for any service you have rendered to us: We use personal information so that we can identify the service rendered, the amount charged and make the respective payment;
  • When we make any commercial transaction that involves a real estate asset of Monteiro Aranha, we need information from the respective buyer in order to carry out the internal and legal procedures for the conclusion of the business and transfer of ownership;
  • In our selection processes, we need some information from the candidate so that we can get to know his/her professional background better, in order to understand his/her pretensions and compatibility with Monteiro Aranha's values and with the available position;
  • For the delivery of gifts or presents, for example, during festive seasons, we need to use personal information to identify who will receive the gift as well as the respective delivery address;
  • To execute contracts, with you or any third party with whom we maintain a relationship in the development of our activities, where there is a need to process your personal information;
  • In order for us to meet corporate, tax or regulatory requirements, we use information from our shareholders.

Data Sharing

To carry out the activities mentioned above, some data sharing is necessary:
  • For support in the selection process, when we use outsourced consultants;
  • In personnel management, an activity in which we use employee data in order to comply with legal requirements, grant benefits and perform career management;
  • To release your access to Monteiro Aranha's office, your information needs to be shared with the administrator of the shopping center where Monteiro Aranha S.A.'s office is located;
  • The procedures involving commercial operations with real estate assets of Monteiro Aranha involve sharing of personal data, for instance, with the real estate broker that may have intermediated the transaction ;
  • For payment of service providers, especially the self-employed, it is necessary to share your information with the bank, which will enable the payment of the amount charged for the service;
  • For real estate rental, where there is a need to share your data with brokers and notary offices;
  • In the distribution of earnings, where shareholder data is shared with a financial institution.
How we keep your data safe

Your information is extremely important to Monteiro Aranha S.A. Therefore, we adopt reasonable and proportional measures to keep it safe. Among the measures we highlight:
  • Controlled location for storing information;
  • Restricted access of specific people to the place where personal information is stored;
  • Security tools to prevent hacker attacks;
  • Administrative measures aimed at the governance of personal data processed;
  • Training of employees who handle your information.

How long do we keep your information

Your information will be kept with us for the period that our relationship lasts, so that the purposes stated in this document are achieved. Furthermore, after the termination of our relationship, we may keep your information for the regular exercise of the right of defense in any legal, administrative or arbitration action, in which the use of your personal data is necessary, or due to legal or regulatory requirements.

Your rights as a holder of personal data

Considering that you are the owner of your information, the applicable law assures you the exercise of some rights, as described below:
  • Confirmation of the existence of treatment;
  • Access to data;
  • Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  • Anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary or excessive data;
  • Portability of your data;
  • Deletion of data processed with your consent, when applicable;
  • Obtaining information about the public or private entities with which we share your data, when applicable;
  • Information about the consequences of not providing consent, so that you can make an assertive and guided decision on whether or not to provide this consent;
  • Revocation of consent;
  • Automated decision review.
All requests will be:
  • Answered free of charge;
  • Submitted to a form of identity validation (so that we can direct the fulfillment of requests, exclusively to the data holder).

To exercise your rights as a holder, go to:
We emphasize that your request may eventually be rejected, either for formal reasons (such as the impossibility of proving your identity) or legal (such as the request to delete data whose maintenance is the free exercise of rights by Monteiro Aranha SA, being certain that, in the event of impossibility of meeting these requests, the necessary justifications will be presented.
Notices and Updates

This document will be periodically evaluated to verify its relevance, so that whenever we update this document, we will update it properly on our website  (